The Swiss-based company says the new features – unlocking the charging coupler from the JUICE BOOSTER 3 air, and a receipt function for accurate charge billing – offer incomparable convenience for electric vehicle users.

The “Unlock charging coupler” function can be activated using the corresponding menu item in the j+ pilot app. This brand-new function serves as an additional option alongside the multifunction button on the JUICE CONTROLLER, the convenient control unit in the vehicle-side Type 2 plug, and can be customised just as easily. You now have the following options: changing the charging capacity, RFID activation or charging without an activation function, unlocking the charging coupler to end the charging process by pressing a button or via RFID.

The push-button unlock function uses two-factor authentication to secure against unauthorised unplugging. To use this function, the vehicle must be unlocked. The function has already been tested with models from various vehicle manufacturers. However, a few vehicles that do not comply with common standards allow the charging coupler to be unlocked without first unlocking the vehicle. For these vehicles, the option “Unlock charging coupler via RFID” is provided. The app advises users to carry out a test after switching on the “Unlock charging coupler” function.

The app also enables you to easily combine multiple Booster units into a load management group, in which the available electricity is distributed equally to all charging vehicles or prioritised to certain vehicles. This can also be done directly in the j+ pilot app. Operators of multi-tenant buildings who are hesitant to make large investments in a fixed installation can thus quickly implement a smart, future-proof solution for their residents.

Commercial vehicle fleets can also use the JUICE BOOSTER 3 air to quickly and easily implement a demand-based charging park with fleet management (via the j+ pilot app). All charging stations in the network can be controlled centrally via the app.

The flexible solution is an equivalent alternative to fixed wall charging stations. 

If you have field staff who travel for both business and pleasure, you can provide them with the JUICE BOOSTER 3 air in combination with j+ pilot, whose integrated logbook will save them a lot of time.

The receipt function lets them export the charging history as a CSV file and submit it to their employer for expense claims or with their tax return. In addition to German and English, the app is now also available in French, Italian and Spanish.