The company says the platform has a very high performance that further enhances the EV charging experience and builds on the reliability and proven design of company’s previous charger platform.

“With the next generation charger platform, we release the Kempower Power Module Version 2, featuring silicon carbide (SiC) technology. Based on the first customer pilots and accelerated endurance testing, the new technology provides grid-friendly electricity flow with extremely low total harmonic distortion (THD) levels, increased efficiency, and wide operating temperature range,” says Kempower’s chief market officer, Jussi Vanhanen.

“With an increased efficiency and power factor up to 0.98 PF, electrical infrastructure costs may be reduced while delivering the same charging power to electric vehicles as with our previous design,” Vanhanen says, adding that other benefits include improved electrical compatibility with existing site locations while contributing to increased grid resilience for large deployments of EV chargers.

Kempower has built up a very strong supply chain in Europe and North America for the next generation charger platform with SiC technology. The sustainable supply chain allows Kempower to scale up to high volumes and follows the idea of a local supply chain in both Lahti and North Carolina production sites.  

Kempower is starting customer deliveries with its next generation charger technology in the first quarter of 2024. North American markets will follow in Q2 2024.