These chargers feature a vibrant and customisable design, coupled with a power output of up to 22 kW (three-phase power). The Taiwan-headquartered company says this provides consumers and operators with more personalised and powerful charging options, enhancing both visual aesthetics and charging efficiency. 

MSI also offers energy management systems (EMS) and customised API integration services. This allows operators to effectively monitor station status both in the cloud and on-site. The system includes smart features such as dynamic load balancing, time-of-use pricing, and member account management, enhancing operational efficiency and creating more applications.

The MSI EV Premium and EV AI smart chargers feature a stylish and minimalist design, combining AI licence plate recognition and integrated payment capabilities. This series offers charging efficiency of up to 14.4 kW / 60 A and flexible support for various charging interfaces, including US Type 1 (SAE J1772), European Type 2 (IEC-62196), and NACS. The user interface includes a 7-inch screen, mobile app, and cloud platform, providing functions such as QR code payment, energy management system (EMS), dynamic load balancing (DLB), RFID card sensing, and charging scheduling. MSI says they are the optimal solutions for residential and commercial charging.