This one-stop shop offers resources and updates on how Nuvve's V2G hubs are transforming EVs into flexible energy storage solutions.

Nuvve's V2G Hubs bridge the gap between energy and transportation, cleverly managing grid stability while optimising charging and discharging of parked EVs. They prioritise battery health and driver needs, ensuring vehicles remain ready for daily use.

Partnering with local governments and utilities, Nuvve implements V2G hubs to reduce fleet costs, improve grid resilience, and integrate renewable energy sources – accelerating America's shift to cleaner transportation.

"V2G Hubs are central to our growth strategy," says Nuvve CEO Gregory Poilasne. "They unlock long-term revenue streams by combining our best capabilities into one offering."

Nuvve says it has secured key V2G Hub contracts in 2024, showcasing the technology's potential. The new website caters to customers and stakeholders interested in Nuvve's approach to smart electrification.