Compatible with CCS and NACS, the 750kW unit is scalable to megawatt+ power and the company says users can expect continuous, repeatable power every time they plug in their EV.

Nxu claims the NxuOne EV charging system is the only universal, dual-technology solution available for public charging. It is designed to support up to 4.5mW of bi-directional DC power and up to 50kW of bi-directional AC power. A seamless cloud experience provides charging monitoring and payment solutions on your mobile device.

Nxu’s original charging unit is available for public charging at its manufacturing facility in Mesa, Ariz., which is open 24/7. The company previously announced Quartzsite, Ariz. as its first highway charging location and anticipates breaking ground in this year. Additional sites in California under contract include Tehachapi, North Edwards, and Barstow, all within the critical California NEVI corridor 7.

“We anticipate 2024 to be a busy, exciting year, and we’re thrilled to debut our first NxuOne production unit this early,” said Nxu founder, chairman and CEO Mark Hanchett. “We’re engaging with great partners and potential customers to continue building out our network of chargers - continuously advancing the electrified future we envision.”