The reCharge40, the first such collaboration between SCA and Xeal, requires no internet connectivity or ongoing networking fees to operate, while still providing advanced functionality of networked chargers, like payment processing and access control.

The device is primarily marketed to commercial businesses looking to provide EV charging for their customers, employees, tenants and fleet.

SCA founder and CEO Joseph Barletta says the reCharge40 is a major innovation in the world of EV charging costs: “Ongoing fees like cellular networking fees and maintenance costs, over the life of a car charger, drastically cut into return on investment. As Smart Charge America continues to drive down the cost of the charger, installation and service, we are making the adoption of EV charging infrastructure easier and more affordable to be able to put as many car chargers in the ground as possible." 

By 2025, SCA anticipates installing more than 40,000 charging ports per year across the top 50 EV-friendly cities in America.

The reCharge40, available for order now, will be sold exclusively through SCA. A five-year warranty on parts and labour is also included.