UL 2202 is the North America’s principal standard for safety of DC EV chargers and ensures the safe and efficient use of the device.

“We have now sold almost 2,000 Supernovas worldwide and completed more than 150,000 charging sessions since launching last year,” said Till Wilmschen, director of fast charging at Wallbox. “We are excited to bring this comprehensive international experience to North America with the Supernova 180 in the coming months.”

Supernova 180 has been tailored specifically to support the needs of the North American market. The DC fast charger was designed with an innovative modular approach to ensure optimal reliability and improve the cost and ease of installation and maintenance. The device will support up to 180 kW of charging power, meaning it can add 100 miles of range in under 10 minutes. Its reduced footprint opens up more sites to fast charging opportunities even in places with limited space and power, such as gas stations, high-power charge hubs, car dealerships, and shopping malls. 

Supernova can charge two EVs concurrently with split-charge configurations. It is interoperable with all vehicle makes, models, and charging standards including CCS and NACS, and offers limitless customisable branding options.

Wallbox says it has already constructed a robust backlog of orders for the new Supernova 180 from existing strategic partners and expects to begin the first deliveries of the product later this quarter.