In June, Zeekr announced its European market entry with the luxury shooting brake Zeekr 001 and the urban compact luxury SUV Zeekr X in Sweden and the Netherlands followed by Germany this month.

Zeekr customers will receive a welcome pack from Zeekr Charge with a charging card and relevant information. With the Zeekr Charge service customers have access to over 550,000 charge points in 27 European countries. Zeekr Charge, as part of Zeekr’s comprehensive power service solution Zeekr Power, will improve its charging service and provide customers with a better experience.

Plugsurfing is one of Europe’s most trusted e-mobility service providers, with over 550,000 charge points and 1.5 million drivers connected to its platform. The company’s expertise has been crafted by building the foundations of Europe’s EV charging ecosystem together with charge point operators, carmakers, and other EV charging industry players since 2012.

Zeekr Charge is built off Plugsurfing’s white label offering and will come with automated onboarding campaigns and custom in-app illustrations to ease Zeekr drivers into the EV ownership experience. Plugsurfing will provide premium 24/7 customer service for Zeekr drivers.

“Zeekr’s mission is to accelerate the shift to fully electrified mobility by removing the barriers that are holding people back,” said Zeekr Europe CEO, Spiros Fotinos. “Customers are saying ‘make it easy’. And that is exactly what we intend to do. Thus, we are delighted about our partnership with Plugsurfing, a reliable partner that helps us accelerate the shift to EVs by providing us with a service that will make e-mobility joyful for all.”