Chargeway mobile app users will be able to connect EVs from over 20 brands offering them a more integrated and automated user experience. Its features will be offered as a monthly subscription within the standard Chargeway mobile app for both iOS and Android users.

This new Chargeway Plus features provide drivers a more automated experience with their EV and charging options. Once a vehicle has been connected Chargeway Plus will instantly offer drivers their battery state of charge, charging status, and for most makes and models the ability to start and stop their charging. This means that whether you are a homeowner managing home charging sessions or a driver who needs to find the best charging option, real-time status of your vehicle will provide a more transparent experience for the charging that best meets your needs. 

The connected features for Chargeway Plus users will also improve over time providing additional connected control of EVs including lock and un-lock capabilities, real-time pricing for a charging session at major charging networks, as well as session activation and payment.

“Our goal has always been to create the most intuitive and intelligent experience for all drivers from every lifestyle. With Chargeway Plus we can now offer a connected experience with real-time data for both the vehicle and charging, as well as expand to new real-time features in the future for Chargeway Plus users,” said Matt Teske, founder of Chargeway.

The Chargeway mobile app is now available at both the App Store and Google Play Store.