Whether that’s policy guidance on grid investments, establishing a ‘right to plug’, the rollout of ultra-fast chargers for heavy vehicles, or single market integration, cooperation between energy and transport systems can reap sizeable benefits for Europe’s electric vehicle transition.

Collaboration across the e-mobility ecosystem is key to rapidly scaling up Europe’s electric vehicle EV transition.

That’s why European vehicle manufacturers and the electric charging industry have signed the joint declaration to step up cooperation and dialogue.

The EU has some of the most ambitious CO2-reduction targets globally and electrifying road transport is core to Europe achieving its climate goals.

But the shift to EVs entails far more than a simple switch away from the combustion engine to electric powertrains.

The ACEA says that achieving shared goals requires a systemic transformation involving new partners across the transport, energy, and digital ecosystems as envisaged in the  organisation's #FutureDriven Manifesto.

It adds that is why Europe’s vehicle manufacturers and electric charging industry are strengthening their cooperation at this critical juncture in this transformation.