Konect presents a comprehensive suite of top-tier EV charging hardware and software solutions for businesses aiming to establish their EV charging infrastructure, aiming to reduce costs and maximise return on investment (ROI).

Konect’s aim is to present a compelling business case for fuel retailers to incorporate EV charging on their sites. This is achieved by minimising upfront capital and ongoing operating expenses, while also unlocking new profit opportunities, thus delivering a meaningful ROI.

The package includes support services such as consultancy, installation, maintenance, and customer service. It's a flexible solution designed to future-proof facilities without diverting focus from core business operations. At its core is an advanced EV charging system, co-developed with global EV charging technology leader, SK Signet.

Engineered for seamless integration with Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s existing full-site fuelling, payment, and service solutions, Konect opens up new profit avenues for fuel retailers, facilitating the transition to electric mobility.

“Konect is fully integrate-able with our existing full-site solutions and is poised to help supercharge the transition to electric mobility,” said Om Shankar, VP and general manager of Konect

Konect offers end-to-end support for the EV charging journey, from site selection to funding options, and includes market-leading hardware and software solutions. The strategic alliance with SK Signet aims to deliver the best EV charger for fuel retailers’ needs.

Jung-ho Shin, CEO of SK Signet, highlighted the importance of accessible EV charging infrastructure, stating that integrating SK Signet’s fast-chargers into the Konect platform will provide more convenient, seamless, and reliable charging solutions for current and future EV drivers.

The charging system features a durable, ergonomic design, with emphasis on ease-of-use and maintenance. An intuitive touchscreen interface and a fast, seamless payment system enhance user experience.

Konect is part of a fully integrated ecosystem, connecting various on-site services through a central cloud-based platform, thus maximising operational efficiency and profitability for both fuel retailers and fleet operators.

SK Signet will manufacture the EV charging equipment for Konect in the US and Korea.