Customers can use the Go Charge app to check which chargepoints are available in real time, filter chargers based on connector type and speed, track charging costs over time and provide in the moment support for chargepoint or payment issues. Go Charge delivers a one-stop solution for accessing and paying for public charging for EV customers on the Motability Scheme, with no subscription fees and no pre-authorisation required.

As the UK government's ZEV mandate approaches, manufacturer lines are changing quickly. More Electric Vehicles (EVs) are being produced resulting in fewer yet more expensive choices of petrol and diesel cars. However, the EV transition has highlighted specific challenges for disabled drivers. Half of the 760,000 Motability Scheme customers lack access to off-street parking and with limited accessible and affordable public charging available, many customers could find themselves unable to make the switch.

Despite these challenges, the company remains focused on supporting its customers through the transition. That’s why it has partnered with several startups, including Paua, to pilot schemes, which can help many of its disabled customers overcome some of the barriers to electric, especially the 48,000 customers which have already made the switch.

Paying for public chargepoints can be especially challenging for Scheme customers. The Go Charge app and card streamlines EV payments at more than 45,000 chargepoints across the UK. This includes chargepoints from operators including Gridserve, Source London, ChargePlace Scotland, ESB, Geniepoint, Shell Recharge, Osprey and many more, covering over 50% of all chargepoints in the UK and 70% of all rapid chargepoints, with ongoing efforts to expand coverage.

“Our customers have told us that paying for public charging is difficult, with the need for multiple app downloads, complicated payment systems and costly subscriptions all creating a barrier to the transition to EV,” said Andrew Miller, chief executive of Motability Operations. “We also know that collaboration is key to make the EV transition successful, that’s why we have partnered with companies like Paua and several others to find innovative solutions for our disabled customers. On top of this, we have committed £300m to support the affordability of EVs and are working with local authorities to help plan for accessible public charging infrastructure.”

Go Charge will now roll out automatically to every EV customer on the Motability Scheme. Customers will be sent the card and user guide when they order their EV. This follows a successful pilot in 2023, where Motability Operations gathered extensive data and insights during a nine-month pilot period with 5,000 customers to understand the specific challenges its disabled customers face when charging their EV using public chargepoints.