Situated on the edge of the Nockberge Unesco biosphere site, Go-e is committed to fostering an energy-neutral future by providing sustainable, intelligent home charging solutions and mobile charge points.

The company's commitment to sustainability is reflected in its operations, utilising 100% renewable energy to power its production and prioritising local suppliers to minimise emissions along the supply chain.

Go-e’s latest model, Gemini Flex, can be used both fixed within the wall bracket and as a mobile unit on the go, helping to accelerate the uptake of EVs by making charging as simple and convenient as possible.

As a Powered by Monta partner, Go-e’s customers will have full control of their EV charging sessions using the ‘Monta Charge’ app, which offers features such as smart charging - a solution that adapts to grid demand, energy prices, and user preferences to boost efficiency and promote cheaper, greener charging.