Vanderhall will utilise SpectralX, Qnovo’s new innovation for electrified mobility, in its electric vehicles. This intelligent battery management system (BMS) software uses predictive analytics to improve battery performance, EV range by up to 10%, and safety in all types of electric vehicles with any type of lithium-ion battery.

SpectralX is a software-only solution that works as a layer on top of a manufacturer's existing BMS with a minimal footprint.

“Implementing Qnovo’s SpectralX BMS software in the Brawley, our all-electric side by side, was a no-brainer,” said Stephen Hall, CEO of Vanderhall. “It helps us provide a superior all-electric vehicle by optimising and reducing charging times, extending range, and mitigating potential safety risks.”

Qnovo’s SpectralX Charging enhances the performance, safety, fast charging, and predictive capabilities of any BMS. By augmenting battery chemistry with computation and learning software, Qnovo enables batteries to charge faster without compromising battery life, extends range through increased depth of discharge, and provides all-weather safe charging.