Under this agreement, the companies will jointly pursue opportunities to provide EV fleets with rapidly deployable charging solutions that feature ultra-reliable charging equipment powered by resilient, low-cost on-site energy systems called microgrids.

EO has nearly a decade of experience providing EV charging infrastructure for customers in the UK and Europe, including charging for over 25 million public EV bus miles for London’s transit fleets. The company is now growing its presence in the United States, promising to provide over 99% uptime to transit, school bus, and commercial fleets.

Scale, as a leading American vertically integrated distributed energy company with a proven track record of building microgrids for EV trucking and transit fleets, will enable a holistic charging solution by integrating EO’s charging infrastructure with up to 100% resilient on-site energy systems including solar, batteries, dispatchable generation, and advanced controls.

The two companies will provide turnkey charging solutions for fleets across the country, focusing on regions where customers face grid capacity constraints and high utility demand charges. EO will be responsible for depot design and installation of charging equipment, integration with its EO Cloud charge management software, and 24/7/365 O&M with a 99% uptime guarantee. Scale will be responsible for the design and installation of on-site distributed energy infrastructure, energy management and optimization, and the provision of project financing.