Becoming the first business charging provider connected to ChargePlace Scotland, established by the Scottish Government, Allstar extends EV charging payments to businesses across Scotland and the wider UK.

ChargePlace Scotland (CPS) was initiated by the Scottish Government to encourage EV adoption. It has grown into one of the UK’s largest public charging networks. Allstar’s collaboration ensures uninterrupted access to all CPS charge points, supporting the government’s vision for an ideal public charging offer.

Aligned with Allstar’s mission to simplify the UK’s electrification transition, this partnership provides drivers access to over 2,800 chargers and 6,000 connectors across 1,400 locations. Scotland boasts one of the highest charging provisions in the UK, with 93 devices per 100,000 people, emphasising the need to support businesses in utilising them.

The collaboration enables payment at 75% of the Scottish network through Allstar, facilitating seamless travel across Scotland with a single payment solution. The company anticipates further network growth, aiming for Allstar to become the UK’s largest charging network.