The company has revealed that it has initiated projects at an additional 19 hotels and successfully activated 80 EV charging stations at 32 hotels across North America. The projects feature multiple high-power, networked EVP700G and EVP1100WG Level 2 EV chargers. Users can activate these chargers via the TurnOnGreen App, RFID cards, or by scanning a QR code displayed on each EV charger.

TurnOnGreen offers scalable EV charging solutions to homes, businesses, and fleets across North America. The company’s EV charging hardware, management software, and network services allow municipalities, businesses, and homeowners to monetise, track and report EV charger usage. 
TurnOnGreen charging systems maintain high standards in the market, are Energy Star certified, and are backed by an internationally recognised certificate of safety and performance.

According to a 2022 survey of 17,000 hotels in the American Hotel and Lodging Association, only 26.6% of all hotels had installed EV charging stations on their property. There are currently 110,721 hotels and motels in the Unites States as of 2023, an increase of 5.8% from 2022. The Hilton, Best Western and Marriott Hotel brands have recently introduced EV charging guidance for their existing and new properties to help guide the future implementation of EV charging infrastructure at a select number of their hotels across North America.