This collaboration will enhance Kaptyn's EV charging at their Las Vegas flagship facility, replacing 10 of Kaptyn's current Level 2 EV charging stations with XCharge NA's direct current fast charging (DCFC) equipment. These chargers offer Kaptyn shorter charging times for vehicles and increased turnover.

Kaptyn operates 100 EVs throughout the United States and has a fleet of 55 EVs, mainly comprised of Tesla vehicles in the Las Vegas market. Their Las Vegas fleet was relying on level two chargers and frequently outsources to Tesla's Super Charging Network, which is already inundated with competing car businesses and Tesla owners. Kaptyn needed to secure increased electricity to help power their facility, leading them to adopt XCharge NA's charger technology. With XCharge NA, Kaptyn can bolster their EV charging infrastructure within their current power capacity to service their electrified fleet.

XCharge NA's solutions will enhance Kaptyn's operations without expensive and time-consuming power upgrades.

"Kaptyn continues its mission as a leader in the development of transportation technologies and services for the private car, limousine, and taxi industries, as well as a fleet operator of premium transportation services in certain key markets such as Las Vegas," said Andrew Meyers, Kaptyn's founder, CEO and chairman. "A key element of Kaptyn's business DNA has been standing lead on advancement, investment, and commitment to sustainability and the transition to electrified vehicles — operating one of North America's largest professional chauffeured EV fleets. This exciting new relationship with XCharge North America gives our business distinct advantages that align with our enterprise growth, EV support, and fleet expansion plans."

Most notably, XCharge NA's charging solutions will enhance Kaptyn's operations without expensive and time-consuming power upgrades to replace their current level two stations. Deploying XCharge NA's 208v Level 3 solutions will directly bridge the infrastructure gap and significantly increase Kaptyn's operations efficiency by reducing charge cycle times and increasing the overall cadence of charging.

"We required a partner who could ensure our expanding fleet had the necessary charging solutions available to support our EV operations, the ability to engineer and enhance the current on-site charging we had in place and provide the data intelligence and insight into charger uptime and utilization," said JJ Bell, Kaptyn's VP of fleet operation. "The partnership with XCharge North America ticked all the boxes. This collaboration will not only improve our operational cadence and minimize the drag factors associated with dwell times for charging and wait times to get to a charging port in general when relying on supplemental third-party and public charging solutions in the field, in addition to this, XCharge NA's commitment to uptime and 'boots on the ground' staffing accessibility, and at-the-ready replacement parts in the off chance of failure is a testament to their overall commitment to our relationship."

XCharge NA creates a less laborious replacement process by installing EV charging solutions within the existing infrastructure, enabling Kaptyn to charge their EVs without diminishing their ROI by relying on third-party chargers. The black car utilization of EVs, specifically Teslas in the tourist destination Las Vegas, has grown to be constant. With an in-house, high-tech charging hub, Kaptyn can meet consumers' demands. This partnership reflects XCharge NA's domestic efforts to champion fleet electrification via easily deployable and innovative charging capabilities that operate within existing grid capacity.

"Charging solutions for EV fleets has always been at the core of XCharge North America's mission to support businesses in expanding their sustainable vehicle offerings," said Aatish Patel, XCharge NA's co-founder and president. "This partnership underscores our commitment to providing a scalable EV charger strategy that democratizes EV charging access for EV fleet operators. The easily installed 8 DCFC ports across 4 chargers will alleviate Kaptyn's congested charging process and maximize their fleet performance."

The station will be operational in Kaptyn's facility by May 22nd, 2024. This will mark the first XCharge NA charging hub installation for Kaptyn, with plans for future deployments across Kaptyn's portfolio over the next five years.