ZEVx MCU technology combines energy management and remote vehicle charging technologies using advanced high-density battery packs and ZEVx's proprietary charging solutions. Once released to full production, the ZEVx MCU in a trailer can be configured in the following four energy storage options: 180 kWh, 240 kWh, 360 kWh, and 480 kWh and are available with air cooled or liquid cooled systems.

"Expanding our mobile charging products within an enclosed trailer provides an immediate solution for mobile charging and on-site battery storage." said Don Listwin, president & CEO of ZEVx. "Companies are now able to bring power to numerous locations, as well as offer stationary power where the electrical infrastructure is unavailable or insufficient."

ZEVx MCUs are delivered with two or more DC fast charge output cables, capable of charging multiple vehicles simultaneously, using any combination of NACS and CCS1 charging connectors. Recharging the MCU can be accomplished using either L2 or L3 charge stations, as well as connection to shore power inputs.