By dynamically allocating total available electricity, AmpUp's cloud-based Advanced Load Management feature adjusts in real-time to divide it into streams of varying sizes. This allows for precise distribution of power levels to different EV batteries, tailored to their individual charging requirements. Additionally, this feature empowers customers to set varying load caps, ensuring efficient and customized power distribution.

For Pro Plan customers, who have opted for the top-tier premium EV charging solution, AmpUp's new Fee Management feature provides flexibility in handling service and processing fees. Site hosts can choose to cover these fees on behalf of their drivers using their pre-set pricing, ensuring drivers don't incur additional charges. Alternatively, hosts can pass the fees directly to the drivers. This empowers site hosts to customise their pricing strategy while ensuring the sustainability of the AmpUp network and driver satisfaction.

AmpUp's new Automated Billing feature streamlines the billing process and improves customer operational efficiency. Once EV chargers are installed, site hosts can access licences and manage billing instantly, as easily as managing other software subscriptions like Zoom. Invoices for customers with payment methods on file renew automatically with sufficient notice, while others can prepay to avoid service disruption.